As many people asked us to provide stable HTTP-URIs for records from The German Union Catalogue of Serials (Zeitschriftendatenbank, ZDB) we decided at last to do just that. We generated a URI for every entry in the ZDB, following this scheme:{ZDB-ID}


(for the Journal with the ZDB-ID "1463731-5".)

There are around 1.576.556 ZDB URIs .

  • At this moment at least 261.368 will redirect to a page describing the journal in detail. Example:
  • The others will lead to a rudimentary description of these resources - as they are not Open Data. There will be only one triple: wdrs:describedby provides a link to the DNB service of the ZDB catalogue view. Example:

I want to use a ZDB-URI. How do I get that URI?

  1. If the ZDB-ID is known, just suffix the ID to the URL .
  2. By SPARQL:
    RESTful SPARQL query to get the URI if an ISSN is known, example:

    Beware: in this example you will get two URIs. @TODO: disambiguate these URIs.

  3. By CQL search interface:
    1. by ISSN: , the fourth hit identifies ZDB1463731-5 (in fact, it identifies HT012705718 which is owl:sameAs to ZDB1463731-5, follow the link. @TODO: present directly the ZDB-link).
    2. by title: . The 8th hit identifies ZDB1463731-5 - the other hits are parts of the journal.

I know the hbz union catalog ID (HT-Nummer) and want to get the corresponding ZDB-ID?

The information currently can only be fetched directly from the SPARQL Endpoint.

Get the owl:sameAs Triple(as NTriples):

Get only the ZDB URI:

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