Howto - Describing libraries, their collections and services in RDF


1. Introduction

Many libraries (as other cultural heritage institutions) are starting to publish their metadata on the web. Most of the time the efforts deal with the descriptions of the resources an institution helds. But there is some data on a less granular level that is crucial for libraries to also be part of the Linked Data web: information about adresses, contacts, opening hours, services, collections etc.

At the hbz, we considered ways to describe libraries as organisations, their services and collections mostly by using existing vocabularies. The outcome of these efforts is presented here. Though this is specifically focused on libraries, other memory institutions might as well benefit from it.

Basic understanding of RDF and its different serializations is

2. Vocabularies used

The main vocabularies used in these proposal for describing libraries, their services and collections:

3. Underlying general model

The comprehensive general model underlying the descriptions of libraries, their collections and services may be expressed as follows:

4. General Description Overview

The following figures give a first general overview about how the vocabularies mentioned above are used together. The first image shows how an organization or a part of an organization as well as its services can be described using RDF.

Organizations can be set into hierarchical relations by using the Organization Ontology as illustrated in the next figure:

5. How to describe a library or related organisation using RDF

The following pages contain information about describing libraries and related organizations, their collections and services in RDF.

These pages have yet to be created. For now, take a look at these examples (with comments in German):

  1. Basic Description of an organization containing name, adress and other contact information, geocoordinates.
  2. [Services and Opening Hours]
  3. [Collection Descriptions]
  4. [Organizational Context Information]
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